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Golf Course Hole Graphics are advantageous for showing off your course as well as showing your Golfers the way to manage their play of each hole.

DR Design can provide you with beautiful hole by hole illustrations with yardages along with comprehensive course maps.


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Yardage Books and Course Guides:

Designed with the idea of going above and beyond the average thought of the common yardage books of the old masters; that only show distances. But turning it into, not only a golfer's helper to play the course more accurately but also to have an accurate depiction of the hole itself.

The golfer that has played on a memorable course needs something that he/she can treasure from their visit; a yardage book or course guide that portrays the visited course in it's full glory and perfection.

Courses that have the graphics from a trained and professional "Yardage Book Artist" will have the edge needed for a great game and a memorable souvenir in hand.

- Darren Robinson,
Golf Course Artist

Yardage Books
Course Guides
Yardage Cards
Pin Sheets

As well as other print work you can order...

Package Design
Product Labels
Business Cards
CD and DVD Covers
Presentation Folders
Sell Sheets
Table Tent Cards
Plastic Cards

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Company Testimonials:

"Darren from yardagebookartist.com has been a true pleasure to work with. His 3D golf hole renderings are excellent and always delivered on-time. I find the relationship with Darren to be one of true value to my business."

David Mollica
Greenland Golf

"Darren has created beautiful graphic representations of golf holes for our yardage books. He is timely in his turnaround and his work has received many kudos from our customers. Darren has collaborated with us on over a dozen books. I certainly recommend his expertise and talent."

Byron Grant
Golf Scorecards, Inc.

"We contracted DR Design to create artwork for several of our golf course graphic design needs. Their work has never failed to impress us with its attention to detail and realism. They know intuitively what we need and deliver the work in a timely manner. We look forward to working with them in the future."

Chris Glissman
CartTrac LLC

"Thank you for all of your
efforts on my project.
You were a pleasure to work with, very accommodating
and professional all the way. Perhaps most importantly, we ended up with a terrific looking booklet, even better than I had hoped for when we first talked.
I look forward to working with you again in the future!"
Ian Baxter


The advantage of using a

Johnny Miller was on the first tee at Oakmont Country Club in the hills near Pittsburgh moments before the third round of the 1973 U.S. Open. Frantically looking in his golf bag, he realized he left an irreplaceable part of his game at his rental home 20 miles away.
"You've got to drive back and get it," he pleaded to his wife, Linda.

While she inched through gridlock, Miller fell apart. He was 7 over par through his first eight holes. A chance at winning the nation's championship was quickly fading until his wife arrived at the 10th tee.

And handed over a yardage book.

"Without it just about killed me," NBC's lead golf analyst says of the memory that still shakes him. "With those greens and no yardage book, you're just guessing. I hung on for dear life. My insides were all messed up. I thought I had blown the Open."

Miller promptly found his bearings to shoot 76 that day to stay in contention and then fired an Open-record 63 in the final round to win.

"The yardage book saved me," Miller says.

By Steve DiMeglio, USA TODAY

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Distinctive Golf ProductsDistinctive Products specialises in unique and innovative golf products from around the world.

3D Design and Aerial View. Maps and Golf Course Hole Graphics

Course Map and Logo


Hammock Bay, Marriott - Naples, FL

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Providing professional quality golf hole graphics for golf course websites, yardage books
and course guides for over 15 years.

Clients include;
ESPN magazine, Callaway Golf, Golf Magazine, and Sports Illustrated.

DR Design & Associates continues to provide the highest quality graphics for the most elite
golf businesses and golf courses.

Golf course graphics within Yardage Books and for GPS devices accomplished for a multitude of courses across the USA such as; Dallas Cowboys Golf Club, Long Island National, Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms, Everglades Golf Club in Palm Beach, Navy Golf Courses - Orange County, CA (to name a few) and even several across the water in places like Saudi Arabia, Belgium, and Dominican Republic (Casa de Campo/Teeth of the Dog).


Golf Books and Print Design

Golf Illustrations, Yardage Book Layouts, Media Kits, Brochures, Print Design,
Product Illustration, Web Graphics, Illustration & Ad Design

3D View Hole Graphics, Overhead Hole Views, Golf Course Maps,
Golf hole art for your courses website.


3D View Yardage Book Layouts, Yardage Books,
and Golf Course Web Site Graphics


3D Golf Hole Render



3D Golf Hole, Yardage Book Page



Is your course in need of a designer for email blasts for your course or business?
DR Design & Associates can put together your Email Designs
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Prefer using a GPS system on your carts?

DR Design & Associates now provides its golf course hole graphics to Carttrac, LLC. These experts will provide your course with a stable and comprehensive GPS system that can't be beat for efficiency, service and price. Using Cellular and Internet, your course can have unbelievable control over every cart on the course. Cut down on course costs by having the ability to trace location and usage of every cart via the internet and your computer. Add income to your course. www.carttrac.com


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Darren Robinson ~ Professional Golf Course Artist / Illustrator

Seeking Golf Hole Graphics for your website?

I am a graphic artist with over 15 years experience working with a large variety of entrepeneurs, yardage book companies and golf courses. This gives me the ability to work with your golf course or business and provide resale value to my work.

Designing Golf Course Products such as Yardage Books, Yardage Cards, Scorecards, and Pinsheets has been my artistic endeavor and professional expertise for the past 15 years. Striving to please and meet the needs of golf businesses wishing to provide accurate graphics for any elite course.

DR Design & Associates golf course graphics provide clear images of the course for the golfer in the midst of a game to keep track and hit accurate distances. And finally as a souvenir from the course itself.

Any entrepreneur on a tight budget looking to gain a draw from the consumer can rely on DR Design & Associates to provide professional quality branded graphics, ad designs, package design, product sheets and media kits for their business.

Yardage books have tremendous resale value to collectors!

DR Design & Associates
can provide you with what's needed to represent your course with professional yardage books, course maps, yardage cards, scorecards, pinsheets, logos, brochures, web banners, ad design, 3D product renders and label design.

Yardage Books to quote for printing

Graphics of each hole can truly enhance your Website.

Aerial View Golf Hole graphics

Complete course maps for your site to show every detail desired.

Golf Course Map

Count on professionalism.

Golf Courses, Golf Inventors and entrepreneurs seeking quality and professionalism in their advertising promotions can count on DR Design & Associates.

Count on Quality.

Working with an independent freelance artist has it's advantages to the business owner who doesn't need a full-time designer but wants to work with a professional they can trust to complete the job. Along with the experience and skill that goes into every advertising piece, constant and open communication is always an essential element with DR Design & Associates.

Yardage Card Design

Example: Photo or Video References taken at your course turned into -
3D Hole View Render

Par 3 at Everglades GC, Palm Beach